Yo Blogga Blogga is the new-to-me production blog of Yo Gabba Gabba, the best new TV show to watch with a preschooler since The Backyardigans. I wish every show would have a nice, casual blog like this to give you a sense of what really goes on rather than those uninformative and ad-ridden official sites the networks make. Anyhow, as this review in the SF Chron points out, one key to making a successful kids show is having it appeal to adults. (The makers of Sesame Street knew this a long time ago.) YGG is a program by and for hipsters who grew up in the 80s, and that their kids will like it too is almost just gravy. The dancing children onscreen appear to have been costumed by Etsy, the host is a rad DJ in a furry orange hat and oversize black glasses, the music is hip-hop and electronic dance beats, and the animation often goes for an old skool stop-motion look. Everyone I know who has seen it has good things to say, and that includes one three year-old and a number of thirtysomethings.

Some clips have made it to YouTube. Check out the party in this guy's tummy:

Let Elijah Wood teach you a dance (this is pretty trippy).

And here's a promo video. The 80s videogame graphics blow my mind.

(Hope these videos are still here by the time you read this. Nick Jr. and Noggin, the channels that air YGG, are part of the Viacom family, and YouTube clips from Viacom properties have been known to disappear.)


I was going to ignore the Time top 100 TV shows list, but Jason blogged about it and my comment there ended up a little ranty, which is why I was going to ignore it in the first place. Some things are hard to ignore. Click over there for several people's thoughts about shows that shouldn't have missed the cut. A consensus seems to be forming that The Muppet Show wuz robbed. So here's a little Swedish Chef for you. Could there really be 100 better ones than this?

(Previously in anti-list blogging.)

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