Fall 08

Long time no blog!

A semester has begun. Today was cool and rainy in Milwaukee, summer no more. I am teaching two courses:

Intro to Mass Media, our 101 course with hundreds of students (previously).

And Indie Culture, a graduate seminar.

I like reading a syllabus. Every time a Republican compares Sarah Palin's experience to Obama's, my first thought is, well she's never written a syllabus.

One more thing: via my delicious network, "Is Wikipedia Becoming a Respectable Academic Source?"

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voter1 said...

I guess Palin's experience is similar to Obama's, allowing for his lack of hunting skills or any executive experience. Also, unlike Palin, BHO benefited from affirmative action (he graduated college with no honors of any kind and won't release his transcript) and promotion by Saudi arm twisting to get into Harvard Law (Google Khalid Al-Mansour ).Then he was an affirmative action hire at UC where he was a celebrity/absentee professor. He has walked the ivy path of White Guilt his entire career. I'll be voting for the School of Hard Knocks.