Pop/art, etc.

Peter Schjeldahl in The New Yorker on Shepard Fairey, who apparently "embraces a trend in what the critic Dave Hickey has called 'pop masquerading as art, as opposed to art masquerading as pop'" (i.e., pop art). I have to think about that one.

The pleasures of Academic Earth, the web video site of university lectures. No film, TV, etc., there yet. It feels voyeuristic to me, watching someone else give a lecture to that unseen audience of undergrads.

Tyler Cowen on Spin magazine's switch from 5 to 10 stars: "This signals that they wish to start exaggerating the quality of the product." I didn't realize that Spin still exists.

My favorite celebrity blogger is David Byrne. Here is his report from Hong Kong, the world's worst cycling city.

Salon on sexting. If the people are going to make their own media, some of it will be filthy. Clearly the new media moral panic of early '09. (Cyberbullying is out; oversharing is 5 minutes ago.)

Project Runway Season 6 Fashion Week threads. We might never get to see them on TV. (More deets in the WaPo.)

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