P2P TV, etc.

I have a new column out in Flow about watching television using BitTorrent: "P2P TV: Ethical Considerations." This is my final of three columns. (Earlier ones were about the Bronze Fonz and Binge TV.) I'm working on expanding my work on the file-sharing of TV and movies into a conventional journal article, so comments are much appreciated.

Elsewhere in the tubes:

Fan Secrets has been my favorite blog for the past week or two. I'm also still loving This Recording, though I don't read every post.

NYT makes me want a Nintendo DSi.

How to make lectures go twice as fast. As someone who lectures for a living, I'm not sure whether to be frightened or delighted by this way of making my work more, I don't know, efficient?

3D movies, why they give you headaches, eyestrain, and nausea. I saw Coraline in 3D a couple of weeks ago and felt fairly uncomfortable, ocularly speaking, but I liked the movie enough not to mind much.

Alisa Perren on the end of ER. I was astonished by how moved we were by the final episode, and by how different ER now seems from the dramas we watch -- much schmaltzier, way more pathos and melodrama. I miss that.

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Japhet said...

I love Fan Secrets!

And This Recording has been getting a bit weird as of late. Too many pictures chopping up the text and not enough continuity for my liking.