At Category D, Chris Cagle's film studies blog, there is a discussion going on about post-classicism. It began with Chris's post in response to an item on the Bordwell-Thompson blog. I left a comment at Chris's blog. Chris has responded to me in another post, to which Brad Schauer has left a comment. In a nutshell: is it appropriate to refer to post-studio era Hollywood cinema, and especially to contemporary Hollywood cinema, as post-classical? Many film scholars including Chris think it is. David and Kristin, two main authorities on classicism in cinema, disagree. Brad and I, Wisconsinites both, are not surprisingly with David and Kristin. If this is too inside baseball for you, I have another item.

Jeremy Butler has posted an In Media Res entry on the new sit-com (with a clip of My Name is Earl). He asks some provocative questions, e.g., "Is the sitcom truly dead, or is it just evolving into something more interesting?" I have left a comment there with some thoughts on that question (dead no, evolving yes) and a link to my previous discussion of this topic.

Finally, I have created a sidebar feed for links to comments I have made on other blogs. I did this by first creating a del.icio.us tag to use in collecting these links and then using that tag's feed (didja know that all del.icio.us tags have feeds?) in a blogger RSS sidebar widget.

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