Watch the R-rated trailer for Knocked Up, Judd Apatow's forthcoming comedy. All your favorite Freaks, Geeks, and Undeclareds are going to be movie stars. Katherine Heigl too, probably. If you click on only one of these links, make it this one. (via)

I thought I would never see another recut trailer parody worth watching till the end, but I was wrong. This is really good: When Harry Met Sally as a horror film by John Piscitello. The conventions of the scary trailer are all here: shifts in music tempo, stylized titles, ambiguous facial expressions. The orgasm scene in Katz's Deli doesn't exactly work but they couldn't very well have left it out.

Speedometer videos scare the crap out of me. (via)

A surreal Golden Girls theme remix from Fatal Farm, with the girls reincarnated as cookies and then eaten. See also the more disturbing Happy Days theme from the same twisted minds.

Lots of funnies in the Battlestar 3rd season gag reel.

3D Morphable Model Face Animation, a demo to make you go Wow.


Some more sources for online videohounds: Morbidly Amusing, Viral Video Chart, The A.V. Club's Videocracy, Salon's Video Dog. Happy sniffing.

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