Among my summer projects are two book chapters, an article, and a move into a new house (just around the corner, but still). One of the book chapters is about the Coen brothers, so perhaps there will be Coen brothers blogging here in the next couple of months. But my attention has been elsewhere lately and will probably continue to be elsewhere for a little while. In the meantime, here are some links.

TV Squad has a description of the opening scenes of Veronica Mars season 4 that the producers shot for The CW to check out. The description suggests that Veronica would have been the only character on the reboot version of the show, basically an FBI procedural.

Tickle Me Elmo on Fire is disturbing.

Wikipedia on film noir is pretty good.

Jason has been blogging up a storm. Here he is on The Wire, Lost, the TV season's ratings, and Hollywood box office figures.

Henry Jenkins offers a Cultural Theory of YouTube.

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Chuck said...

Wow--the Tickle Me Elmo vid is *really* disturbing. I found myself laughing and then felt incredibly guilty.