Gilmore Girls says goodbye tonight. The buzz about the final episode is bad. This NPR story is appreciative but pretty superficial and a little patronizing. Todd VanDerWerff at The House Next Door is much more thoughtful; he calls GGs "a vision of what we might like America to be -- a kind, loving place where everyone’s got something funny to say."

WSJ: the media industries are currying favor with bloggers in hopes of positive publicity. A nice description here about the producers of The New Adventures of Old Christine inviting "mommy bloggers" to their set. This would be the flipside to the controversy (prev.) about blogs challenging traditional criticism. Oh, those blogs! (via ehlevine)

CinemaTech: YouTube should share revenue with everyone, not just the A-list.

Top ten Star Wars t-shirts. (I like Chewy as Che.)

And if you're in Williamsburg, NY, in June you might want to look in on the Brick Theater's Pretentious Festival ("the most important theater festival on earth"), which is to include a production described as follows:
The Children of Truffaut thrusts eight characters drawn from 70's Continental cinema into a game of arousal, angst, bluster, pontification, and whimsy. Godard, Fassbinder, Fellini, and Tarkovsky each provide the atmospheric starting point for a male/female unit. Once the pairs are spawned, though, pretty much anything goes, especially transgression, nostalgia, and love. This ain't yer momma's arthouse—unless your momma is the lovechild of Marcello Mastroianni and Hanna Schygulla. In which case, I'd like to meet her. (75 min)

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