My So-Called Life to return to DVD, but what about the extras? (via)

The CW: has the sum been less than the parts?

Does 24 need reinvention?

Do sweeps periods still matter?

Google: ready for a fight?

Perez: past the tipping point?

American Gladiators nostalgia, anyone?

Finally, this map of online communities is my favorite thing of the day.


steven streight said...

Follow me on Twitter. I say FUCK to trolls, in indirect tweet attacks on trolls in general.

You might enjoy the fireworks going on.


You are a good Twitterer whom I have been following. You got my attention again with the Greasemonkey script tweet a moment ago, about how it "uncensors" the net. LOL

Word Veri: xdwmd

wmd????? LOL

michael z newman said...

Ok, buddy, I added you to my Twitter. I'm not sure exactly what the trolls did to get you so mad, but I had them too. And as for the Greasemonkey script, here it is for my readers who don't Twitter: http://www.ironicsans.com/2007/04/idea_uncensor_the_internet.html
(it converts f**k into fuck, for instance). And to give credit, I heard about this on the geekbrief.tv podcast of a few days ago, which I just watched while elliptically training at the gym.

michael z newman said...

I didn't have trolls, actually. I hate them is what I meant to say. And here's the link as a link: uncensor the internet. Sorry for being lazy.