Adaptation 2.0: Feature filmmakers have been adapting novels into movies for a hundred years. Now on the internet, some fans have adapted a few blog entries by Maureen Johnson, a writer they admire, into into a cute YouTube video, "How to Write a Book," about the process of creating fiction. Read about the experience of seeing your blog adapted into video at Maureen's blog. (via Shaken & Stirred)

Related: LAT reports that "the Internet is giving Hollywood a nervous breakdown." What else is new?

Only sort of related: background on the Spiders on Drugs video; background on the Huckabees meltdown video.

Not at all related: Sanjaya hairstyle cut-outs from the WaPo.


Michelle Detorie said...

I'm curious about your take on this: http://www.dlib.org/dlib/may03/friedlander/05friedlander.html

I love the internet, and I do feel quite immersed in it...but some of the utopian lustre is wearing off for me. I don't know if this is significant...I still want to try everything (like twitter) but I wonder how much that directs my attention away from a better awareness of the technology itself -- where computers and servers and keyboards and wires come from... Who makes them? Who has them? Is it fair? The nature of capitalism is to keep this type of stuff occult, but I don't think that is necessarily the nature of the internet...

does that make any sense?

Chuck said...

Isn't Hollywood always having a nervous breakdown? At least since the Fatty Arbuckle days?