David Sedaris just makes shit up. This seems like such a non-story, and yet I can't stop thinking about it.

Judd Apatow is the "Hollywood hottie of the moment." The sentiment might work, but the sentence doesn't. (via bigscreenlittlescreen)

Friday Night Lights is going to be rerun from the start on Bravo. Hope this gives it an audience. Bravo made stars of the fab five; could Landry and Smash be household names by this time next year? We can hope. Extra: photos from the FNL set on Flickr.

American Idol is still fantastic television. Drama, comedy, suspense, surprise, music, hair, spectacle, a gamut of emotions. The results shows would be unwatchable without TiVo, but the Tuesday night shows are as good as it gets. (Yes, there are Sanjaya fans! And check this out: Jon Peter Lewis, also-ran of season 3, is blogging season 6 at TV Squad!)

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