Twitter has been running really slow, and you can imagine the vast multitudes eagerly reporting their quotidian events as the page labors to get your data up for you. It's exciting to see something that didn't exist three seconds ago become part of the fabric of people's lives. Of course the commentariat is working hard to make sense of it:

The Wall Street Journal got in on the action early, and was pleasantly non-snarky about it. (Reading this article doesn't require a subscription.)

Lifehack thinks you should use Twitter productively. Like so many of these social web apps, Twitter could be either a way to steal time or a way to take care of business. I get more excited by stealing time, myself. See also Slacker Manager.

Bokardo: Twitter's genius is that it combines the read and write screens. I second.

Apophenia: thoughts on Twitter esp as it is used by mobile persons. I myself tend to be stationary. Reading this made me feel old, cuz I have just about no one to text with mobile to mobile and just about no interest in getting into this. My Twittering is old-skool web-based only.

Headrush: on the implications of Twitter for your brain.

Inevitably, someone had to invent the ghastly phrase "twittering point".

And two nice Twitter tools: Ludicrous offers a way to post to Twitter from the Firefox search box (don't embarrass yourself by posting to Twitter by mistake when you're trying to search Google, friends). Twittervision is a map-Twitter mashup that shows posts as they happen from all around this rock we call Earth. That's incredible!


Ted Z said...

Day 1: I hate Twitter.
Day 2 & 3: Twitter. Wow.

It's your fault for directing me to this totally useless/totally useful thing.

michael z newman said...

You're welcome!