-Essjay, the prolific Wikipedian introduced in Stacy Schiff's article "Know It All: Can Wikipedia Conquer Expertise?" as a tenured professor of religion, is actually a 24 year-old with no academic credentials. I love this so much because (1) it's such a good story--not even the NYer is safe from the ephemeral confabulations of web culture--and (2) it offers the hope that all truths will be revealed.

-Timothy Noah in Slate is making a good case that Wikipedia should abandon its notability guideline.

-The Academic Blog Portal is a wiki aggregating blogs by academics. If you haven't already, go add or edit entries. (It annoys me that I am most suited either to the Culture, Theory, Literature category under Humanities or the Media and Communications category under Professions and Useful Arts. I think of myself as a media humanist. Categories, huh? Anyhow, annoyed, but not enough to do anything but complain. Useful arts is a funny phrase. Who studies useless arts?)

Update: check out the motherlode of Essjay links.


zp said...

Loved that note in TNY. The tone of it, the fact of it, the whole thing.

Chuck said...

I don't think the creators of the portal knew what to do with media studies people. IIRC, I'm in Culture, Theory, Literature, too.