Recent Work

-Here's a book with a chapter I wrote, my first publication of original research to come from the project on early video games I have been working on for several years: "The Name of the Game is Jocktronics: Sport and Masculinity in Early Video Games," in Playing to Win: Sports, Video Games, and the Culture of Play (ed. Robert Alan Brookey and Thomas P. Oates).

-I wrote a post on Medium: "The Tweeting Child, or What I Learned about Social Media from a Five Year-Old" in which I talk about my son's twitter account.

-At In Media Res: "Illustrating Media History: Problems and Solutions" For this I made a video (below), which I also screened a few days ago at the Society for Cinema and Media Studies workshop "Making the Past Visible."

-And at Antenna: "#SCMS15: The Conference as Media Event" in which I compare the conference to shul on the high holidays, argue that live-tweeting is a kind of open-access publication, and point how some ways that twitter includes and excludes.

I'll skip the sad reflection on this blog turning into a place where I point you to other things I'm doing online.