100 Movies, 100 Quotes, 100 Numbers. I'm terrible at these things but they're lotsa fun. I love when Clint Eastwood says, "blow your head clean off." That's #44 if you feel like ffwding.

Flickrvision is awesome.

Wikipedia: Films Considered the Worst Ever. Like much of Wikipedia, this entry has a strong bias toward the recent and the present, but this is still fun to look over.

Piz, a fictional character on Veronica Mars, is now a music critic for Pitchfork, as fluxblog points out. This has something to do with Piz's offer of an internship at p4rk in this week's ep and the show's being mistaken about the location of the website's offices. Also, Veronica is indeed dunzo. It was once great, and I have missed that Veronica for many months already. But seriously people, come September there will be dozens of new shows to watch, and at least a few of them won't suck.

Jonathan Gray in Flow: TV shows are boys and girls even before they're born.

The Onion: Professor Sees Parallels Between Things, Other Things.

"Indie Minute" is a newish column at College Humor: "It's pretty corporate to be indie- just because everyone is doing it. So, if you really want to be indie, you have to start shopping at Hollister, eating at Red Lobster and seeing movies at Showcase Cinemas." (via 'fiddle)

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