Die Vulture, Die!

Vulture, the NY Mag entertainment blog, spoiled a major event of season five of The Wire this a.m. I wouldn't care except that the spoiler was in the post headline, which I read in my feedreader, and which I cannot now unread. I will not link to them, for obvious reasons. You can find the post if you want to.

I wrote to the editor the following email:

"You spoiled The Wire in your headline! Not cool!! Seriously, don't do this again. I'll stop reading Vulture. I'm trying to be nice. Imagine what I really want to say to you."

And I twittered:

"don't read NY mag's Vulture blog headlines in your RSS reader today if you are avoiding spoilers for The Wire [cursing them under my breath]"

An hour and twenty-five minutes later, Vulture ran another Wire item, with a second spoiler!

I wrote to them again:

Twice in one day putting the plot summary in the post title! I just unsubscribed from your feed."

Karina Longworth, perhaps after reading my tweet, wrote:

"Vulture seems to be earning a reputation for putting spoilers in the headlines. If they keep doing it, it must be good for traffic, no?"

Then I received this email from the Vultures:

"Sorry to hear you're so upset. But we're an entertainment blog; we write about TV shows all the time. In the same way that sports Websites can't be worried about spoiling the scores of basketball games for people who Tivoed the game and plan to watch it later, we can't be worried about spoiling plot points of a show that has already aired at its normal viewing time."

I think this speaks for itself, but allow me to state the obvious. These people are Wrong and, you know, really really Wrong, and everyone should stop reading their blog.

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Anonymous said...

It seems like since you wrote this they cut back on the spoilers a bit.