What Does Marcellus Wallace Look Like? is a kind of found poetry. In some ways it works like The Machine is Us/ing Us, with the wow in the words and the way they appear and move around the screen.

Influences: an artist paints thirty portraits on his tummy. (via Grow-a-Brain)

The Jeanie Tate Show is a made-for-web talk show hosted from the front seat of a soccer mom's minivan. This ep has Bill Hader of SNL.

Something Blue: David Lynch does rom-com.

Winds of Change: Kodak's in-house digital pep talk video is building buzz. Seems like hype to me but like many of these online vids, you don't have enough context to really make sense of it. Who actually made this and for what purpose? (Compare the UNC breakup vid discussed at Chutry.) Also, I know this was made before the 30 Rock ep where Alec Baldwin says "Booyah!" but I saw Alec Baldwin say it earlier and better than the actor (?) in the Kodak video.

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