YouTube to become more Flickr-like, sez Beet.tv, by organizing videos in categories. I like the idea of a website being like Flickr, but is the way it's using categories anything more sophisticated than Yahoo! c. 1997?

A user-generated recap of all of The Sopranos eps to date is outstanding work. Also, see bigscreenlittlescreen on the odds of your favorite and least favorite characters surviving the final season.

Laugh through your fear: a daring videographer crosses the street in Hyderabad. (via)

Give it up for MC Rove in the house, oy vey.

Cute attack: kitty makes a movie. See also parts 2, 3, 4, 5. (via)

NewTeeVee has a nice post about web video serials, including Chad Vader and the forthcoming Prom Queen.

I saw Inland Empire the other night and found it ponderous and ugly. More response to come, if I feel like spending more time thinking about a movie I didn't like. But searching for clips online I found this video of guys running into Lynch when he was camped out in L.A. with a cow and a "for your consideration" poster pimping Laura Dern to the Academy. I liked this better than Inland Empire.

And JibJab is back with What We Call The News, the best of the week for sure.

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