I Tube:

Classical Music: Adam Fulara plays a Bach Prelude and Fugue tapping on two necks of a guitar. (via)

Indie music: This Sony Ad uses the song "Heartbeats" by The Knifes covered by José Gonzalez. The Knifes released Pitchfork's album of the year, which includes the original of the track. (via)

Sports: "That does not belong in the National Hockey League!": Ales Hemsky scores for the Edmonton Oilers with two seconds left. I love that I can appreciate the beauty and drama of sports on YouTube without being a sports fan, without having to watch entire games, without having to read the sports section, and without suffering the obnoxious voice-overs and music on ESPN.

Lonelygirl15: I stopped watching after the big reveal (here's an article about lg15 I wrote at the time for Flow), but this recent episode, "Bree's Dad is Dead," is quite haunting in its combination of music and images.

Paranormal rom-com: "Love Corner," by the Boston-based comedy troupe Zebro. (via)

Memento lite: Previously, a short murder mystery that actually goes backwards--not in reverse order, but in reverse. Winner of four awards in a 48-hour film competition.

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