What's new in new media?

Rupert Murdoch: "News Corp. will try to concoct the next YouTube on its own." Good luck!

YouTube 2.0: We're going to rape your eyes and ears with advertising! We're going to share our revenue with you!

MTV is now, among other things, a 3D virtual social network. (Yeah, the NYT had this story four months ago.)

A kind of manifesto-cum-rant on "vernacular video": "the vernacular domain is a noisy torrent of immense proportions." Can't argue with that.

Some people are making money from web video. Some are even managing to be funny.

Fun with Amazon! ZonTube├č mashes up Amazon (music) and YouTube; Amapedia is Amazon's new wiki.

Does the Long Tail apply to the television industry? A debate begins.

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