Last Thursday's musical episode of Scrubs fits well into the patterns I discussed recently in writing about contemporary film and TV musicals. "My Musical" motivates the numbers by having a patient with a neurological condition that causes her to hear singing, thus confirming for the audience that there is something odd about song and dance. The musical numbers are all available on YouTube. "Guy Love," sung by J.D. and Turk, brings the sexual subtext of their relationship to the fore (as often happens on Scrubs). The group number "Everything Comes Down to Poo" is cheerfully scatalogical. And Dr. Cox's Gilbert-and-Sullivanesque" Rant Song" shows off John C. McGinley as the showman he is. Also worth checking out: Bill Lawrence's interview in TV Squad. Among many fun tidbits, we learn that the "jocky" writers on the show are actually secretly "metrosexual" musical theater lovers.

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