+Apple: Kottke rounds up the iPhone buzz on the web. Pronounces the Zune dead, bitches (persuasively) about the sorry status quo for celphones, asks some provocative questions, and links all over.

+Annals of globalization: new Bombay movie Guru is having its world premiere at Toronto's Elgin Theater (where Cats will always be playing in the Toronto of my idealizing nostalgia), with top tickets at $500. (via Cinematical)

+On the indie trail: Sundance is the hipster's Disney, reports Wired News (what else is new?); The Hwd Reporter rounds up a year of "seismic changes" in independent film--hits, misses, new kids on the block, money money everywhere; Variety reports that IFC will move away from independent film, toward original programming--its first drama, Pornopolis, "revolves around an average family in the L.A. 'burbs -- whose parents happen to run a porn business." (That sounds like something I've heard before--have I?)

+Telly: Les Moonves says that CBS is transforming itself into "an audience company"; in an apparently unrelated story, CBS's sit-com The Class will offer live video of its table reads online.

+Futurology: Robert Scoble predicts that Netflix will be killed by new, improved p2p video delivery using Flash; The Truetalk Blog describes how YouTube is having a hard time maintaining a good community...loyal users are turning away...some say YouTube can't last.

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